Despite significant interest, a useful inaugural meeting that formed a working group and numerous promises of cycle touring content across several topic areas we subsequently had a complete lack of support.

A number of pleas were published between January and July 2017, both on the website and in broadcast emails but still to no avail

We had set a deadline for support at a level to move forward at August 2017, extended it to the end of September 2017 yet still had no response.

Sadly we decided to "switch off" the project with this message on the website and are in the process of winding down the operation with the residue of of the very modest funds accrued going to a cycling related charity.

Perhaps the timing was wrong? - perhaps the concept was ill-founded? - the other cycle touring enterprise seems to totter along with a rather different agenda.

More recent feedback on the whole idea of cycle touring suggests that the internet has become such a fantastic resource that a "club" is no longer relevant.


Finally, a BIG THANK YOU from Rob & Dennis

December 2017