Founder Membership opened on 5 August 2016 . . . and do have your say in the Forum

Early days for the new club, creating a vibrant community for like-minded cycle tourists - not another Facebook but a club & website full of resources for a wide variety of touring and technical matters - with a Forum as an integral part of the club.  So, just real cycle touring as we know and love it. 

Objectives :

•    To make the Website, and its Forum, the hub of the TCC community
•    To divide both the Website content and Forum into public (free access) and member only (premium content) areas
•    For TCC to focus upon providing quality information about Routes & Technical Information in the form of an indexed and searchable resource library; and maintaining links to appropriate providers of goods and services relevant to cycle touring.
•    For TCC to offer its members a low cost personal Third Party Liability Insurance product as an optional add-on to basic club membership.
•    For TCC to provide its members a mechanism whereby tour ideas can be put forward and touring companions sought.
•    For TCC to provide its members with the capability to organise informal local rides.
•    Develop a network of local TCC Champions, (broadly) one per UK standard region (across England, Scotland, Wales & N Ireland), who will promote TCC and its activities locally.

We have opened membership for Founder Members at a nominal rate and are still seeking feedback and ideas for the club's way forward.


Add your thoughts on the club & website's direction through the discussion Forum at Touring Cyclist ClubI'm interested input form and  MY ideas input form.

The core structure of the website has been created to publish the content, resources etc when they are created, contributed