Here are MY ideas . . .

To help get an idea of the potential for a new organisation, its structure, resources, administration etc we are asking people that are interested to let us have their ideas for what the club should look like, what it should contain, how it should be managed, how much it should cost etc.

This form lets you list your thoughts as brief* bullet points - a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 please! - so scroll down to complete the form and send it.

Do register for the Touring Cyclist Club Forum too . . . your opportunity to have your say!


* the form input fields have limits on character input to encourage brevity!

1  There is no guarantee that a new organisation will be formed.
2  All information gathered from the forms will be held in confidence and used on an anonymous basis to formulate any plans.
3  Email addresses, names etc will not be disclosed, used, sold etc.  [We did consider an anonymous form but that is of course open to all manner of mis-use]
4  Forms that do not have a valid First and Surname will be ignored.
5  The vision for TCC is as a standalone club - NOT as an affiliate to any other cycling organisation.