There's certainly a level of interest from the hundreds of "I'm interested" responses we've had - however we want to get it right with the structure of the new club ... remember we're not looking at just a Forum here (although that will be part of the plan)

Overnight tonight (23 February 2016) we are emailing everyone that has responded asking them, as they have said they are interested, to send their ideas (minimum of 3, maximum of 6 BRIEF bullet points) - and to contact us if they are interested in being part of a small (probably 6 max) steering group ... with their specific interests and skills to contribute.

As well as those that have already responded we'd like to see ideas from anyone - just click the link to the MY ideas input form.

When we have responses we'll analyse that and refine the plan we are already formulating - we'd like to be at that stage by 3 March 2016.

Sorry if that's too slow BUT we are going to get it right, as far as we can, first time!   Patience!!

Rob & Dennis