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This is a REMINDER

The level of interest and number of paid-up members of the Touring Cyclist Club is significant with many ideas put forward and the Forum starting to gain traction.   Promotional leaflets* are now available and a press release sent to both traditional print and digital/online media.

There's still a lot to do so to move forward we are holding an inaugural meeting for Touring Cyclist Club members on the afternoon of Saturday 19 November 2016 in central Birmingham, close to the two main railway stations.

We are compiling the agenda - please let us have your suggestions (even if you aren't able to attend we'd really like to hear from you) - just email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The agenda and accompanying notes will be emailed to attendees on Monday 14 November with details of time and venue.

By the conclusion of the meeting we expect to have the formation of a core organising group of individuals that will each have areas of responsibility to take forward.  Initial thoughts are that the roles will cover:
Touring and routes
GPS & mapping
Promotion and club development
Website (public and member only content)

- and the following (officers of the Touring Cyclist Club Limited - Company limited by guarantee No 10179055)

The mission of the Touring Cyclist Club is to focus on the pleasures of cycle touring and steer away from "politics, campaigning and [ UPDATE - see below] the wearing of helmets"

In order to book the appropriate room we need to have numbers of attendees - if you are (or will be) a member and wish to attend the meeting please respond to this message by the end of Monday 7 November 2016.

The meeting will ONLY be open to members of the Touring Cyclist Club - to join the Touring Cyclist Club go to  and follow the JOIN link for online membership and payment.

Rob & Dennis
Founders : Touring Cyclist Club
4 November 2016

UPDATE/Correction : there was an unfortunate error in the text of this item - the words "discussion about" were omitted.

*if you would like leaflets to distribute in your local respond to this message with a name & postal address and the quantity of leaflets you would be able to place in cycle shops or with clubs.
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