We will publish news and updates from time to time - to have your say use one of the input forms, or better still join the online Forum*

Going forward the plan is to form a small steering group, with a cross-section of interest and skills, to formulate a plan for the Touring Cyclist Club.

* Most of the Forum is open, public access but there is a Private Area for registered members only where some restricted content is published.


The level of interest and number of paid-up members of the Touring Cyclist Club is significant with many ideas put forward and the Forum starting to gain traction.   Promotional leaflets* are now being distributed and press releases are going to print and online media by 14 October.

There's still a lot to do so to move forward we are holding an inaugural meeting for Touring Cyclist Club members on Saturday 19 November 2016 (provisionally 1330 - 1630) in central Birmingham, close to the two main railway stations.

An agenda for the meeting will be published shortly but we are hoping for lots of ideas from members.

By the conclusion of the meeting we expect to have the formation of a core organising group of individuals that will each have areas of responsibility to take forward.  Initial thoughts are that the roles will cover:
Touring and routes
GPS & mapping
Promotion and club development
Website (public and member only content)

- and the following (officers of the Touring Cyclist Club Limited - Company limited by guarantee No 10179055)

The mission of the Touring Cyclist Club is to focus on the pleasures of cycle touring and steer away from "politics, campaigning and the wearing of helmets"

In order to book the appropriate room we need to have numbers of attendees - if you are (or will be) a member and wish to attend the meeting please respond to this message by Saturday 5 November 2016 - email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Details of the venue, time and agenda will be emailed before Saturday 12 November 2016

The meeting will ONLY be open to members of the Touring Cyclist Club - to join the Touring Cyclist Club follow the JOIN link for online membership and payment.

Rob & Dennis
Founders - Touring Cyclist Club
8 October 2016

*if you would like leaflets to distribute in your local respond to this message with a name & postal address and the quantity of leaflets you would be able to place in cycle shops or with clubs.

This message has been sent to all paid-up Touring Cyclist Club members and all those that expressed an interest in the club but have not yet joined - and published on the Forum.
[Note: Forum membership (only) does not constitute club membership]


Membership opened, online, on Friday 5 August* 2016 - in "soft launch"  (to ensure that it all works, as tested)


We expect to email a notice to our database of "interested parties" on about 15 August 2016 ... and hopefully have the optional insurance add-on link available too.    Watch your inbox for a notification.

* 5 August is of course an auspicious day in the cycle touring world  ;)


UPDATE - we're making progress but the legal wheels grind exceeding slow.

We've had lots of ideas come in and some initial volunteers for the "regional champion" roles - do please keep the ideas coming in.

Just off on holiday [no cycling :-( ] for a couple of weeks - hopefully we'll be good to go as soon as I'm back, ready to open online

In the meantime a reminder from the last report :

We have listed the key points at the head of this page - please do scroll down and read the detail.  We are looking for "Regional Champions" to help develop the club - please email (with a phone number and location)  if you are interested.

Key points :

  • Over 350 expressions of interest
  • Limited by Guarantee Company has been formed
  • Constitution, policies etc at advanced draft stage
  • Membership at a modest annual cost
  • Add-on personal insurance option negotiated
  • Funds from membership to meet the modest running costs
  • Touring Cyclist Club will be run entirely by unpaid volunteers.
  • Seeking “Regional Champions”

- things are taking a little longer than we had hoped

The details :


  • Over 350 expressions of interest have been received together with lots of ideas for what we should do, and not do.
  • Ideas are being analysed to provide the basis for the club’s operation to meet the interests of the members.
  • A Limited by Guarantee Company (Touring Cyclist Club Limited) has been formed as a legal entity with a Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • The Constitution is being drafted by a Chartered Secretary together with operating policies - all at an advanced stage
  • A plan for membership has been drawn up with a nominal annual cost on a simple per member basis (one person = one membership, no “joint” or “family” memberships) and an optional add-on personal insurance product.  All managed online.
  • Funds from membership to meet the modest running costs, primarily the website and promotional activity and materials.
  • The Touring Cyclist Club will, for the foreseeable future, be run entirely by unpaid volunteers.
  • We are seeking “Regional Champions” to help with the development and management of the club - the regions will be based on the “standard economic regions” (i.e. pretty much the top-level regions that the BBC News uses)  If you are interested to become a Regional Champion please email us with a phone number and location.
  • The website and Forum have been set up ready to be populated with cycle touring content
  • Marketing and promotion plans have been formed, to move ahead as soon as the Constitution and legal stuff is finalised.

The offer:

  • Annual membership at nominal cost (<£5.00) - all managed online
  • Add-on personal insurance option at ~£10.00 per annum
  • Website access to both public and member-only content
  • Forum access to both public and member-only content
  • The opportunity to put forward your ideas in a democratic club environment
  • The opportunity to be part of potential regional groups with like-minded riders

What will NOT be in the offer at launch:

  • A printed magazine - the probability is that the website design will incorporate at a “magazine style” area of content
  • Insurances other then the add-on policy for individuals.  The “legal aid” type of cover is included in most household policies and “no win, no fee” insurance is a widely available commodity


The update details have been emailed to everyone that has expressed an interest and sent ideas - it has also been published on the Forum at Touring Cyclist Club

The Touring Cyclist Club will, for the foreseeable future, be run entirely by unpaid volunteers who are keen to carry on the tradition of cycle touring unhindered by the baggage of politics.   Funds from membership, and possibly website and other advertising revenues, will be used to meet the modest costs of running the website and administration as well as promotion costs.

We expect to make further announcements and be moving forward with membership within about six weeks.

Please do have your say!  

Rob & Dennis
Founders, Touring Cyclist Club


Lots of progress has been made and we expect to issue an update about the launch with a membership scheme and insurance option by the end of May 2016.

Do keep the "I'm interested" and "My ideas" messages coming - we've had some really great input.