We will publish news and updates from time to time - to have your say use one of the input forms, or better still join the online Forum*

Going forward the plan is to form a small steering group, with a cross-section of interest and skills, to formulate a plan for the Touring Cyclist Club.

* Most of the Forum is open, public access but there is a Private Area for registered members only where some restricted content is published.


The Forum software has just been tweaked to show the user's location (if it's entered in the Profile) against posts.

When you are logged into the Forum click PROFILE and add your location and save the changes  - that's it!


As at today the website has received over 6,000 hits, over 100 applications to join the Forum, 184 "I'm interested" responses and 63 "My ideas" responses - and a lot of messages from cycle tourists welcoming the Touring Cyclist Club project.

Moving forward, we have:

Created the initial structure for the website content - that's regional touring and technical sections together with a download library.
We are asking, via a simple input form, for submissions of content to publish here on the website

Created matching sections on the Forum for ideas and discussion

Considered a low-cost membership format for the Touring Cyclist Club
Early days for this, we need to work on a "constitution" and rules ... but it will be as simple we can make it - one issue is the extent of content that is publicly available or for members only

Entered discussions with an insurance provider for a member policy, at low cost.
For legal reasons this is expected to be a member "add on" rather than a part of membership (giving members the option)

Been approached by a number of potential advertisers and sponsors
We are considering this area very carefully


Timing - Rome was built (or cycled to!) in a day - there's a lot to do if we're get it right and meet the members' expectations.  We'll be adding content that is submitted and expect to have a membership offer in place by early May 2016* - in the meantime do have your say.

.... and finally we are asking for interested volunteers to be part of a steering group to help take the Touring Cyclist Club forward - if you are interested please email us with a phone number so we can have a chat.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement so far

Dennis & Rob

* early May would seem to fit with other activities in the world of cycle touring  (and both Rob & Dennis would like to get some riding in too ... especially Dennis who is off on a JOGLE at the end of April!)


There's certainly a level of interest from the hundreds of "I'm interested" responses we've had - however we want to get it right with the structure of the new club ... remember we're not looking at just a Forum here (although that will be part of the plan)

Overnight tonight (23 February 2016) we are emailing everyone that has responded asking them, as they have said they are interested, to send their ideas (minimum of 3, maximum of 6 BRIEF bullet points) - and to contact us if they are interested in being part of a small (probably 6 max) steering group ... with their specific interests and skills to contribute.

As well as those that have already responded we'd like to see ideas from anyone - just click the link to the MY ideas input form.

When we have responses we'll analyse that and refine the plan we are already formulating - we'd like to be at that stage by 3 March 2016.

Sorry if that's too slow BUT we are going to get it right, as far as we can, first time!   Patience!!

Rob & Dennis


ADVISORY 20 February 2016 - we're likely to be doing some maintenance and making a few changes in the next few days.

The site may be offline for a while now and again - the front-end message will give the time/date and indication of the duration - please come back later.

AND .... a few people have commented on the "winged wheel" logo in the header - DON'T PANIC ... it's only there as a tongue-in-cheek image while we progress with the website development - there's no truth in the rumour that the image is being changed to   We are Touring Cyclist Club 


The comments made in the  I'm interested  forms since the website went live at 1800 on Friday 12 February 2016  until the end of Thursday 18 February 2016 are listed here (~50% of replies had comments - it's a long list but worth reading!)

So, it would appear that there is very positive interest and our next step will be to ask all respondents to give us their top few ideas, needs, desires and for us feed them into THE PLAN with a small steering group.  Please  CLICK HERE  to go to the   Here are MY ideas   input form.

For the numbers people, indicative results (to AM 19 February 2016): website Home page hits 3,127; I'm interested responses 143; Forum registered members 59.

If you'd like to be involved with a steering group email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (including a phone number in your message - and ideally the interest or "skills" that you would be able to contribute)

  • Best of luck with this. We may be up for offering admin services.
  • Hi Dennis  Well done for the quick work
  • Active with Sheffield District CTC have been a member 36 years.  Have held several jobs within DA including DA secretary and magazine editor. Am a qualified cycle training instructor. Used to be passionate about the CTC until recently. Am willing to help Dennis and rest establish this adventure.
  • The website states ""Dennis is appalled by the withdrawing of the specific touring benefits and information previously provided by CTC"". My instinct is saying that this is a great idea but I am not sure if I am honest what touring benefits are being withdrawn. If you could explain this (and forgive my ignorance) I think that this initiative could be a good idea.
  • Good luck and thank-you for taking this forward
  • Affiliated to CTC .  Sounds like a good idea
  • Am very excited about your new site
  • Best of luck with this. We need a forward thinking and forward looking club to look after cyclists. Fully support this initiative.
  • Just interested in a new touring club.
  • This would be an excellent idea.  I am a Brit living in Denmark. But if you have a bike
  • Would be interested
  • It wuld be nice to have a forum for people who ride for fun and dont use the forum just to brag about their high end bikes and kit               So good luck with the forum
  • Good luck with this initative. I really would like to see this succeed.
  • Fantastic idea! Thanks.
  • I'm also a member of Audax UK. It would be to have a more cycle touring focussed (compared to the CTC) organisation for the UK. I really like the way the French to it with FFCT.
  • Yes i am very interested in what is here occurring... My sole interest is cycle touring
  • A much needed development for the independent traveller.
  • I am interested in a 'seniors' (70yrs & over) section.
  • Please take a look at the links just added to the two home pages for The Forty Plus Cycling Club (800 members) and also for South Herts CTC (1000 CTC members in catchment area)..  It may help your search engine rankings... I hope you don't mind me borrowing your logo for the  'news' items?
  • I have followed the comments on the Facebook group
  • Winged wheel = good Wobbly bike = not for me
  • Interested in an exchange of ideas and information
  • I'm interested.
  • I am a keen cycle tourist and have three tours across eight countries planned for this year. I'm always keen to learn and contribute where I can. Also willing to host cycle tourists in my area from time to time.
  • Let's have a club that is for touring cyclists and focuses on that endeavour.
  • I hope this venture will be successful.
  • I welcome this website being developed. I am a novice to touring and would like to get some advice from people who will be part of this community
  • I would like to be involved with this type of organisation .
  • Another disgruntled CTC member who doesn't see an organisation that represents cycle touring any longer
  • Hi I'm a cycle tourist with no club memberships of any kind
  • Joined CTC this year
  • Tired of paying money for shrinking service - they're not even supporting The York Rally any more. I'm only still in for the third party insurance and I guess that could be had cheaper elsewhere.
  • God luck everyone.
  • We have a common interest in riding bikes in non-competitive ways. We should be able to support a club that supports that common interest.
  • The CTC no longer seems to care about the cycle tourist.
  • Interested..........
  • Good idea. But need to include resources to draw people in. Like CTC.
  • Keep it as a cycle touring site. Don;t get involved in activiism unless its supporting touring. e.g. B&B discrimination against cyclists.
  • I agree that CTC has significantly changed direction. It is now not a club for like minded members but a charity with predominantly campaigning priorities. British cycling is about racing which of course has encouraged many who before Wiggo would never have dreamt of getting back on their bike I am predominately a leisure cyclist but have done a little touring.  A club that shares experiences of touring /cycle holidays would interest me
  • Great idea
  • I'm just getting into cycle touring (or bikepacking
  • Very interested
  • I am very interested in an alternative to the CTC
  • Good luck and I hope it is successful as us keen cycle tourist aren't cater for by hard copy magazines. Hopefully in time apparel will be sold advertising the site as well.
  • I used to be a member of CTC.   I am no longer a member because I didn't see that it was relevant to the kind of cycling that I like.   Could you please explain why CTC has not met your needs?  I can't see what your ""manifesto"" is. I looked on YACF but there was nothing - sorry if i missed some threads. 
  • Bonne chance
  • Sounds interesting keep me up to date
  • Good luck with the new venture
  • Not sure if current member - joined 1977
  • It will be interesting to how much of a following you raise.
  • I've been a regular contributor to the Facebook 'Where Should CTC Be Going?' page. I believe it makes sense to start up a new club for touring cyclists
  • Interested!
  • Interested in a touring focused alternative to the CTC.
  • Interested in short tours
  • I am interested to find an alternative to the CTC
  • Great if it takes off!
  • Hi folks  Sign me up!
  • Well done for this initiative
  • Just interested. I feel the CTC has run its course like many other cycling organisations (LCC is an example) where the organisation now feels more important than the people it purports to represent.
  • Good luck with this. Very disillusioned with CTC!
  • I've been a member of CTC for 2 years
  • interested to see where this goes.
  • Share ideas/routes/knowledge
  • Hello. I was active in the Save the CTC campaign
  • I'm interested!
  • Long-term cycle tourist, currently not riding much as have young family and roads in West Sussex are getting rather nastily dangerous. Involved locally with cycle campaigning, but less now as progress is painful and bashing your head against West Sussex County Council Highways gets sore after a bit. Also involved with the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, although probably not relevant for this venture. Interested in a dedicated Touring Club, as CTC used to be perhaps 20 years ago. Sad to see that the combined knowledge of CTC membership (locations of best tea shops, pubs, roads, etc. and technical knowledge, product reviews, etc.) is rather neglected. Would be very pleased to see the likes of Chris Juden and perhaps others like Mark Waters being properly appreciated for their extensive knowledge. Given the people involved in keen cycle touring there's a wealth of untapped knowledge out there, if it can be tapped and organised.  Small is beautiful: keep it low-key, human, and minimise the money aspects. Use volunteers, and value those volunteers publicly.
  • sounds like a good idea.
  • Interested in your proposal---shall watch developments with interest
  • Certainly a good idea for a club who aim is to provide support for the cyclist tourist

The text is as it appears - no comments have been deleted (save for one where the sender gave only a partial name) the only edits that have been made are where personal information is obvious.   Responses are still coming in as this item is being written - ALL in the same vein!