We will publish news and updates from time to time - to have your say use one of the input forms, or better still join the online Forum*

Going forward the plan is to form a small steering group, with a cross-section of interest and skills, to formulate a plan for the Touring Cyclist Club.

* Most of the Forum is open, public access but there is a Private Area for registered members only where some restricted content is published.


We have been amazed by the response since TCC was announced just 7 days ago - there will be an update published at the end of today, Friday 19 February 2016 that will also contain the comments that were made in the "I'm interested" responses (it's a long list!)

The initial launch was deliberately very open in terms of detail and what TCC was likely to be about because we wanted those with an interest to tell us what they thought and would like to see - rather than a prescriptive "This is what you'll get" . . . which is perhaps the root of the reasoning for the initiative.

Mention in various cycling fora has been of "needing to read between the lines" ...... most people that have responded did do so - being aware of the ongoing discussions on the CTC Forum (stemming back quite a few years) and the Facebook page (Where should CTC be going?) established over a year ago ... we gave the link to that page.  For us to have come out with the TCC idea based on saying out loud "CTC's going down the pan, here's a better model" would have not been right or in the spirit of what's envisaged, nor did we want to engage in virulent discussion with lots of pointless Forum posts.  The About us content says there'll be no mud-slinging - just an honest, transparent approach to the TCC initiative.

We hope that what we have done so far, and the obvious traction the project has from the interest to date, goes forward.

.... and to cyclists with an interest in touring please do add your voice to the TCC - through the "I'm interested" or (as from today) the "MY ideas" forms - and join the Forum as well

We have received lots of  I'm interested  responses.  One common question asks about a "manifesto" for the TCC.  The purpose of the I'm interested form together with the Forum is to find out out what the format and structure ought to be based on the ideas, needs, thoughts of those interested in a new cycle touring club.  That feedback, and the many offers of practical involvement already received, will guide the way forward.